Book Charting – 2006

1. Robert Louis Stevenson – Treasure Island2. Robert Louis Stevenson – The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde3. Curtis Sittenfeld – Prep4. Ruth Rouff – The Brat5. Frank O’Hara – Lunch Poems6. BJ Ward – Gravedigger’s Birthday7. JK Rowling – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone8. George Orwell – 19849. David Klass – […]

Poetry Charting – 2006

1. Joan Larkin – “Jew in Paris”2. Ed Roberson – “Face”3. Joshua Harmon – “Landscape”4. Anis Shivani – “Gentilly Precincts, Feliciana Parish, Circa 2005”5. Nolan Chessman – “Inherent”6. Christopher Burawa – “The Mind Flows a River that Murders Someone”7. Marissa Spalding – “Sitting in the Belly of a Swan”8. Chris Green – “New Year Moon […]


I started this blog back in June, when I was considering switching away from JournalSpace. I’ve decided to stay with JournalSpace, but I’m going to continue using this blog as a place to do some poetry charting. I saw on this blog what seemed to be a listing of all the poems the blog owner […]