I went to a wedding last weekend in Lancaster with Donna and some of our friends. I’ve been pretty cynical about the idea of getting married again – one failure was enough. So it amuses me that it only takes a couple who seems really excited about what they’re doing to make me think, “Hey, maybe that’s not a bad idea after all.” The ceremony was simple, non-traditional, and beautiful. The reception was much fun, with good food and good company.

On the two-hour drive home, we played “In My Pants” – the game where you read road signs, billboards and any other advertisements you can find, and then tack on the phrase “in my pants” at the end. “Thru traffic – in my pants.” “3 or more passengers only – in my pants.” “Overnight Service Guaranteed – in my pants.” I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.

Some photographs:

[the moment everyone loves]

[new shoes]

[e dancing]

[a beautiful girl]

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