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Friday Goodness

Awhile ago, I did a Friday Goodness that was essentially a list of 10 beautiful women I wish were lesbians so I could date them. Donna complained that pretty much all of the women were on the femme side of the spectrum, and she’s right. And in real life, I think femmes are pretty, but I’d much rather look like them than date them. So here’s my attempt to make amends:

Rachel’s Top Ten List of Members of the Queer Community that She Would Totally Date (though some of them are just fictional characters) – and None of Them Are Totally Femme!!
I’m not scoring here – just giving you a randomly-ordered list of the 10 people I’d most like to date, if I didn’t already have such an amazing girlfriend.

Nikki Wade

Actress Mandana Jones plays Nikki Wade, a lifer in prison on British television drama Bad Girls. She’s tough on the outside, soft on the inside, smart, sarcastic, and funny. She always looks adorable. In last night’s episode, she had a baseball cap on, and I almost fell off my couch with glee.

Shane McCutcheon

Kate Moenning (who actually can femme it up pretty well when she wants to ) is Shane McCutcheon on the L Word. Whoa. She’s cool. She’s chill. She’s hot. She’s anything but tepid. She’s got some seriously sexy ways of wearing those plaid button-down shirts you can get for $5 at Walmart. Yeeeah.

Elroi from Be Real

So Logo has this series called Be Real, which is sponsored by Stolichnaya (the alcohol). It chronicles issues within the GLBT community, and one of the episodes was about gay couples getting married. There was an awesome couple, Aly and Elroi, planning an amazing wedding in an antique store. I immediately developed a crush on Elroi, who is genderqueer and studying sociology with a focus on how transmen access and receive healthcare. Hot, smart, and eloquent – yeah. I’m a little smitten. Plus, they show an old clip of hir from, like, high school and sie totally had a rat tail, a la Aimee Mann from the Til Tuesday era.

Steffanie from A Shot at Love

Ok, first of all, let me defend my choice of television show here – Tila Tequila’s new “bisexual reality dating show” or whatever you call it is craptacular. And disgusting. And offensive in so many ways. But I had to watch it – MTV putting 16 lesbians on prime time cable is a pretty big deal, even if they’re only going to get screwed over in the end (as I predict they will). But this is not a post about why I find that show frustrating – that might come next week, actually.

So let’s get back to Steffanie. One of only two butch girls on the show, she rocked a Hugh Heffner-inspired lounge coat and called herself “the ultimate bachelor.” She’s got messy hair, and there are clips of her defending her sexuality passionately. I think it’s totally hot when a woman is unafraid of her identity, and is willing to put it out there. So Steffanie, if Tila Tequila doesn’t work out for you, come hand out with me and Donna. Or, you know, just me. (*ducking now in anticipating of Donna throwing something at me.)

Dani from A Shot at Love

Let me just say this: Fire. Fighter.
Seriously. Is there anything else?

Elvira Kurt

Aside from intelligence and confidence, one of the things I find most attractive in a person is the ability to be funny – and to laugh at oneself. Elvira Kurt has both of those. She’s freakin’ hysterical, and at the same time compassionate and quirky. And she wears sweater vests a lot, which for some reason I find really attractive.

Jane Lynch

You may recognize her as the overtly aggressive manager from 40 Year Old Virgin who offered to be Andy’s “fuckbuddy” (and then serenaded him with an Ecuadorian love song), but I recognize her as the always-on-the-prowl lawyer from the L Word. And it’s true, Jane Lynch is out in the real world. She’s beautiful and intelligent and funny, and I like all of these things about her. I also like that she views her sexuality as completely irrelevant to the rest of her life, which is something so many actors seem unable to do.

Daniela Sea

Ok, ok, so the L Word isn’t the greatest written show ever. But Daniela Sea is hot, and the fact that she traveled through India passing as a man is also hot. She seems intelligent, capable and sensitive, and intensely private. And despite her character’s failings, Sea does a fairly good job portraying a transman on The L Word.

kd lang
With a voice like that, who needs anything else? Oh, but wait – kd has everything else. She’s gorgeous, and sophisticated, and completely unapologetic for being any of those things. And she makes beautiful music. And I think – don’t tell anyone I said this – but I think she might possibly be cooler than Elvis Costello. I mean, damn – look at her. Glasses, flower – so debonair.


Speaking of beautiful music, LP is incredible. Her voice, coupled with her guitar abilities, make me swoon. And then I look at her – that awesome mop of curly hair, her whole jeans-and-tee-shirts approach to fashion – yum. Plus there’s the whole “I’m not releasing my real first name” approach will lends her an air of mystery that is really quite sexy.

So there you have it. Not an entirely intellectual assessment of these people, but that’s not really what we’re here for on a Friday, is it?
Happy Friday, y’all!

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