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rethinking mary had a little lamb

Jacob has been learning an alphabet song in school this year, aimed at helping him learn the letters as well as the sounds they make. It’s cute – my favorite so far is the letter I:

(to the tune of “Oh My Darling, Clementine”)
In an igloo on an island in a sea of icy water
Lived an inchworm named Ignatious
and his itsy bitsy daughter
She was smaller than an inkblot
and her name was Isabelle
and she didn’t need a cradle
’cause she slept in a sea shell

This week, he’s taken to singing what he says is the verse for the letter X. He’s five, so his grasp on language isn’t always great, but what I think he’s singing is this:

(to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”)
Xenu was an alien, alien, alien
Xenu was an alien born on Planet X

Uh. What?
Seriously? Are they teaching Scientology at the daycare?

Oh. Wait. I just did some googling, and found the website where Jacob’s teacher (who I think is terrific) must have found the song. It is not about Xenu at all, and in fact Jacob has the whole of letter X wrong, which is fine with me.

But it’s a fine example of how we hear what we want to, isn’t it?

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