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Quentin Tarantino has a fan club.

One of the benefits of having friends who are still full-time students (or who graduated so recently that one often forgets they’re “real grown ups” now) is that my social life has been renovated. I get invited, with some regularity, to fun parties. Most recently, Donna and I attended a costume party. The last costume party any of my friends threw was actually hosted by me – and it was several years ago, when I had a Back in the Day party, and all partygoers were required to dress like their favorite 90s trend (I was goth; K was the uber-trendy Clueless; everyone else was randomly attired in flannel, Doc Martens and Izods).

Anyway, the theme of this party was Quentin Tarantino movies. There was some debate over what constitutes a QT movie – my take is that any movie Tarantino is associated with in any fashion can be considered a QT movie. Donna is more of a purist – he should have at least written or directed it, she thinks. Apparently, most of our friends agree with her, as the movies represented were directed by Tarantino: Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Sin City and Kill Bill.

Yours truly opted not to dress up. I initially had a plan to go as Nice Guy Eddie from Reservoir Dogs, but I had trouble locating a track jacket this week, and then Jacob came down with an ear infection, so costume preparation took a back seat. Donna was waffling all week long before deciding to join me in my unplanned costume boycott, although in her blazer and sweatervest, I really think she could have passed for Clarence Worley, had she only worn some big-ass Elvis sunglasses.

Some photos:
first we have Pai Mei – sadly his mustache interfered with his ability to consume beer, so he dispensed with it.

Next is the inimitable Mia Wallace:

Seriously, that shit looks like it hurts.
Alabama Worley gets a quick makeup fix from the almost-Clarence:

And finally, three badass bitches, Alabama, Mia, and Becky of Sin City:

Also represented that night were Mr. Blonde, Gogo Yubari, The Bonnie Situation, Vincent Vega, and a few other characters I didn’t know (not having seen Sin City or Kill Bill). Hopefully there will be more photos forthcoming on Facebook that I can then hijack and repost here.

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