Dear Poster of Inappropriate Materials on the Picture Board,

You clearly have noticed that we have affixed a large cork board to a wall in the kitchen. Because you seem unable to comprehend it’s actual purpose, I’m going to explain it to you now.

At the top of this cork board, you will find a cutesy little sign (courtesy of our cutesy little office manager) proclaiming it the Company Scrapbook. This board is here for the sole purpose of sharing information – via scrapbooky-type-items – about our friends and families. You will notice, then, that a larger percentage of the content is related directly to our friends and families: photographs, pictures drawn by kids, news clippings about our families, etc.

The board is not, however, intended to be a common notice board. Posting of the following items is really not a good plan:
-the crime statistics for the township we work in
-an open invitation for someone to join you at the handbag-swap next weekend
the tired-but-somehow-still-circulated “How To Be a Good Wife” article
-a request for office supplies

If you would like to continue placing the your irrelevant notices, you can do so on the Community Notice Board, conveniently located next to the photo board. Honestly, two steps to the right is not so difficult to maneuver.

Is it picky and bureaucratic? Probably. Do we care? Not terribly much.

Have a lovely day.
The Photo Board Police

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