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Hmmm. What can I say about my West Coast vacation, now that it’s over? Y’all already have the San Francisco update. After that, I headed to the Central Coast with Ron and Danika to spend Christmas with her family. My parents and Jacob met up with us down there, and we spent four days eating, touring the San Luis Obispo-area scenery, and drinking really good wine.

A few highlights from the whole week:
-It is entirely possible to drive across a bridge while having an honest-to-goodness panic attack.
-I saw my brother’s band Pickleweed. They did a jam session /band practice at a friend’s house, which was both fun and full of good food.
HR Pufnstuf is some scary shit, even when you’re not high.
-I learned that there is no official way to use chopsticks, and that it’s entirely possible to eat anything – literally anything – with them.
-I met someone who refers to himself as The Cheetah. (To be fair, I think other people started calling him that first.)
-I gots me a fancy new digital camera for Christmas, compliments of my folks.
-I gots me several compliments on how I’m raising Jacob, which was great validation for me.
Bishop’s Peak is a tall, tall mountain, which I did not climb. Some of the visiting relatives, including Jacob, did, though.
-It is also entirely possible to hit someone else’s car while you are texting-and-driving, and push it about 15 feet forward. (I did not do that. Someone else hit Ron and Danika‘s car on Christmas Day. Fortunately no one was hurt.)

Here’s a little slideshow of photos, basically my trip in a nutshell:

The flight home was uneventful, just the way I like it. I smiled as I saw Philly through the plane window – it still feels like coming home, which means it’s not time to leave.

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