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hey little firestarter

So the weekend is shaping up quite nicely, considering how I was whining to Donna this morning about having no specific plans for the four days that were stretching before us:

There seems to be an impromptu visit in the works for tonight from a Pretend Internet Friend (I have it on good authority that he’s actually a real person). What happens when you mix two poets and a prose writer with some beer and a few shots at a bar on South Street? Stay tuned – you’ll find out later.

I received an invitation for a holiday party tomorrow, hosted by Ashraf, a Philadelphia poet that I had a big, swoony crush on for ages. (Well, to be honest, I still sort of do, but it’s settled into that chaste kind of crush that comes with the contentment of being in a happy, healthy relationship.) I think he’s a talented poet and exceptionally kind, and I’m looking forward to spending some time among his friends tomorrow.

Sunday should be a nice day of rest and relaxation, and maybe I’ll finally get to the mountain of laundry I’ve been avoiding since I got off the plane.

Monday, of course, begins the New Year celebrations, with a party at Anna‘s house (and I’m promised a cameo by both Andy and Megan, whoo!) and a follow-up New Year’s Day dinner at Aunt Gail‘s house.

What’s on your plate this weekend?

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