everybody get together, try to love one another.

Last night, I watched a Real Momentum short documentary called Out on the Job. A brief description, lifted from the Logo website: Mateisha is a hairstylist who’s in the closet at her salon. She’s worried her religious boss, Antoinette, is about to discover her secret. Mateisha wants to come out before she’s found out. But […]

Everyday Misogyny: Quote of the Week

Pardon the frantic updating; my brain is making up for yesterday’s lack of entry. In case you were worried that misogyny and sexism were broad, poorly defined concepts existing only in dusty encyclopedias and dictionaries, I’m here to reassure you: both concepts are alive and well today. So, since I’m getting all political and feminist […]

seeing me and julio down by the schoolyard.

On Wednesday evening, I ventured back into the classroom for my first real class in over a year – and for my first class in the Women’s and Gender Studies program. It took some doing to get there, and I hit a few obstacles (no financial aid? the only surefire way I know to come […]

on the way to cape may, i saw my dreams come true.

This past weekend was Peter Murphy’s annual Poetry and Prose Winter Getaway at the Grand Hotel in Cape May. The Getaway runs from Friday night through Monday at lunchtime, and all attendees basically spend three days immersed in their art: poetry, fiction, memoir, painting, novel writing, songwriting. It’s a good place to give oneself permission […]

some day we’ll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun.

Albuquerque’s first murder this year may be a hate crime: Friends are mourning the death of Albuquerque’s first murder victim, and fear the murder may have been a hate crime.Patrick “Patricia” Murphy, a drag queen well known in the community, was a regular performer at Sidewinders Bar. Murphy was shot to death in her home […]

Blog for Choice 2008

Today is January 22, 2008. Today is the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Today’s Blog for Choice topic: why I vote pro-choice. The biggest reason, really, is that I want to maintain the ability to make my own choices. In this country, so many choices have already been taken away from me: I can’t […]

poetry news again!

So the January issue of Boxcar Poetry Review is up – and guess who’s in it? Donna also has a poem in the same issue, which is a nice thing for us. Just a reminder that my chapbook, Ripe Again, is still available for pre-order over at Finishing Line Press – I still need to […]

quick reminder

Tuesday, January 22, is Blog for Choice Day. Don’t forget.