My professor handed back our first papers last night; I got an A. Hooray! Honestly, though, I worked fairly hard on the paper and would have been disappointed and a little surprised to see anything less. The prof also wrote some nice comments on it. Not everyone was so satisfied with the response to the […]

TLS Recap: Episode 3 (with a nod to Ep 2)

So I didn’t blog last week’s episode of Transamerican Love Story because I got distracted, and because I’m not always as motivated as I might like. But to catch you up: Calpernia had the guys host a dinner party for her and some friends; they were responsible for everything from set up to food prep […]

I’m headed back to class tonight. Last week I didn’t blog about class at all because I was too discouraged. So many of the women in my class are completely missing the point, underestimating the importance of feminism and a fight for women’s rights in this world. One girl even went so far as to […]

panning for gold

I’ve been working on a series of poems for awhile now that are loosely based around Bible stories. Instead of standard retellings, though, I’ve been trying to give these versions a little twist – maybe from the perspective of a character who seems peripheral in the original story (such as in “Lot’s Daughters“); with a […]


There are a lot of things happening that I wanted to blog about: the new episode of Transamerican Love Story, the murder of the student in California by his 14-year-old schoolmate, some gender equality stuff I’ve been thinking about. But it’s all mostly depressing, and I’d rather draw your attention to this rather encouraging news: […]

bad karma backup: resolved

So apparently all that bad karma I’ve been accumulating has finally decided to unclog itself. Since Wednesday of last week: Jacob came down with strep throat and had to take several days off school. I ended up in the ER at 1:30 Saturday morning with severe back pain. Diagnosis: Kidney Stone. Resolution: Really good drugs, […]

catching up

Well, I’ve been home with a sick child for the past two days, and I’m just resurfacing now in the real world. Poor Jacob has strep throat and was running a high fever (103!), so we spent two days on the couch, watching cartoons, eating ice pops, and generally being miserable. He’s feeling better today, […]

Calpurnia is a genus, or Calpernia is a genius. You decide.

So last night was the premiere of Logo’s Transamerican Love Story, featuring Calpernia Addams as the eligible bachelorette. Ok, first let me just say: how cool is it that she commented on my last blog entry about this?! Right, now on to a quick review and recap of the show:The format of the first episode […]

When I was in high school, I watched the same movies over and over again: The Basketball Diaries, Reservoir Dogs, Clerks. Sure, there were others, but these were my old standards, the movies I returned to again and again because I thought they were special in some way that other movies weren’t. I thought they […]

Logo’s Answer to Reality Dating Shows

So I blogged about this a few months ago when I first heard about it: Calpernia Addams has a new reality-dating show, premiering Monday, February 11. Transamerican Love Story will run in the 10 pm timeslot on Monday evenings on Logo, the all-gay-all-the-time cable channel owned by MTV Networks. So now that the premiere is […]