I voted this morning; my polling place is located in the all-purpose room of my son’s school. On the way in, I saw that the school had created a Dream Wall. I knew they had been teaching the kids about Martin Luther King Jr. last month; I came home one day to the news that Donna and Jacob had a discussion about MLK and what he stood for. So after casting my vote this morning, I stepped back out in the hallway and read the dream wall. Each class put a silhouette of a candle on a large piece of construction paper, and put a heading of “The ___ Grade Class Has a Dream That…” Each class was able to finish the sentence in any way they chose.

Some of the classes wrote things like, “all families will be happy and healthy;” “everyone will have what they need.” Jacob’s class made a list of bullet points, a list of things they’d like to see:

The Kindergarten Class Has Dream That…
-the soliders will come home
-there will be peace
-everyone will stop fighting
-there will be no more guns

Each child then signed his/her name to the paper.
I stood in the hallway looking at this piece of paper for about 30 seconds, and I started to get a little choked up. It was a nice moment.

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