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this is office space.

So I was going to blog today about Calpernia Addams and the premiere of her new dating show, Transamerican Love Story, on Monday. And I still might. But it’s been busy (in a good way), and I’ve been distracted, so I haven’t gotten there yet.

But in the meantime, some of the funny things I’ve encountered over the past two days at work:

Thursday, February 7, 4:45 p.m.:
I enter the women’s restroom. Upon opening the door to the first stall in the bathroom, I discover someone has peeled an onion in the stall, and left the onion skin all over the toilet seat and floor. It was a red onion.

Friday, February 8, 11:27 a.m.:
I receive an email from a colleague with the subject line, “Come have some cake!” The body of the email says, in its entirety:

Though it arrived a little late for Mardi Gras, I have a king cake to share in my office… come on by for a piece! If you’re not familiar with the king cake tradition, I should warn you there will be a small plastic baby hidden somewhere underneath… so chew carefully!

Friday, February 8, 1:29 p.m.:
I receive an email from a colleague in the Finance Department with the subject line, “Here ya go.” Attached to the email, with no explanation, is a Powerpoint slide containing this image:

Apparently our corporate Accounts Payable has Jackass on the brain.

Welcome to my world, kids.

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