this is when it’s really, really funny to have a son.

On Monday evenings, while I’m at class, Donna faithfully picks Jacob up from school, sorts the inevitable mountain of school paperwork into piles (“keep,” “trash,” “really cute artwork that Jacob made”), gets him started on homework and dinner, and hangs out with him until I get home at 8ish – just in time to get […]


As I mentioned previously, I received my chapbooks this past weekend, and I’m really pleased with them. I’ve been receiving numerous texts and emails from friends and family who received their copies as well, and I’ve been really flattered by the positive response. This morning I received an email from the mother of a boy […]

making a spectacle

old:new:(just for the record, I was parked in both these pictures, not moving) In other spectacle news:Jacob lost his glasses yesterday after having them for a whole two weeks. Neato.

TLS Recap: Episode 6

Hooray! It’s Tuesday! That means I’m going to talk about Transamerican Love Story again! (Well, ok, it’s actually Wednesday now – I wrote this late yesterday afternoon and didn’t have time to post it. So whatever.) Last night I got ambitious and started taking notes on the show – I realized that in previous weeks, […]

at least i’ve maintained a sense of humor.

I’m currently reading an essay for tonight’s class which examines the popular images of women in post-war America, and explores the cultural messages those images are meant to convey. The focal images are the lesbian and the prostitute, and the essayist (Donna Penn) use multiple sources (films, textbooks, propaganda and cultural attitudes) to show the […]


I received my copies of my chapbook this weekend from Finishing Line Press – and judging from the number of emails and texts I got, plenty of other people received their copies, as well. The book is lovely: the cover is a light blue cardstock that has a bit of sparkle to it, and just […]

Friday Goodness

Well, I haven’t done one of these in awhile. It’s Friday! Oh, wait: It’s GOOD Friday! Have some goodness! 1. I’m going to roller derby this weekend. Yeeee-ah! 2. Hooray for Drew at Toothpaste for Dinner – his comic today is great. 3. For whatever reason, this was the week of Reality TV People Commenting […]

my new favorite cartoon

Running a close race for first place with Growing Up Creepie: [youtube=]

TLS recap follow up

So last night I got the pleasant surprise of two comments on my most recent recap of Transamerican Love Story – the first was from Calpernia herself, and the second was from the contestant Shawn, who I’ve been referring to as Mr. Smooth. Very, very cool – both mentioned that they’ve been reading my recaps […]

TLS Recap: Episode 5

Last week, Logo ran a previous episode of Transamerican Love Story, which freed me up to do something else – I think I ended up sleeping, or something. Anyway, this week they were back with a new episode, so let’s dive in: The episode opens with Callie playing her fiddle for Andrea – this girl […]