Well, I haven’t done one of these in awhile. It’s Friday! Oh, wait: It’s GOOD Friday! Have some goodness!

1. I’m going to roller derby this weekend. Yeeee-ah!

2. Hooray for Drew at Toothpaste for Dinnerhis comic today is great.

3. For whatever reason, this was the week of Reality TV People Commenting on Rachel’s Blog. It was pretty freaking cool.

4. At Christmastime I got The Clapper (The Clapper – you know, clap on, clap off, the clapper – not The Clap) for the light in my bedroom. It burnt out the other day before work (it made this weird sizzling noise, a few sparks, and then it smelled like burning plastic), so I got rid of it. Last night, Donna stood in the dark bedroom trying to clap the light on, even though I’ve told her about four times that The Clapper is dead. It was pretty funny.

5. Seriously, what on earth compels these people to tattoo their faces?

6. I have the song “Motor” by Cake stuck in my head (you can hear it here).

7. I’m going to be applying to participate in a women-only writer’s community next year; it’s in Washington state, about 35 miles away from Seattle, and I am totally stoked. If I am able to go, it means I’ll spend two weeks on an island in Puget Sound, eating amazing food and writing. And that’s it. It’s a long shot, but we’ll see…

8. Have you been checking out Passive Aggressive Notes? You should. It’s funny.

9. So my books were supposed to have shipped last Friday – hopefully we’ll be seeing them this week!

10. And a funny picture for you:
Humorous Pictures
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