Rachel Bunting

flowcharts + school = Rachel feels a little better.

Earlier this year, I discovered that you cannot get financial aid for school unless you are taking 6 or more credits in a semester. I find it very difficult to take that many credits right now – that’s at least 2 classes – because it would require me to be out of the house just about 4 nights every week (and I can’t take daytime classes, as I have to work), 15 weeks at a time. So I’m currently tied to one class per semester, which means it will take me about 16,000 years to get my B.A.

Yes, yes, I understand there are other options – online classes, weekend classes, choose a different subject, whatever. But for the subject I’ve chosen, this is it. I’ve exhausted my options: I’m taking classes at night during the week, and I’m paying out of pocket for it.

Of course, it’s incredibly frustrating because college ain’t cheap, and the speed at which I’m learning is slower than a snail. So I was thinking today about the situation and how it’s frustrating, and I did what any true office wench would do: I made a flowchart. See below (click on the chart to make it bigger.

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