Blog Against Sexual Violence Day

Today is Blog Against Sexual Violence day. Go here to check out other bloggers who are blogging on this very important day! On a Thursday afternoon in March of this year, a Montclair High School special education student was let out of school early – like everyone else in the school – after the scheduled […]

NaPoMo: Poem for April 3

You can find more info about NaPoMo here, here and here. AfterlifeJoan Larkin I’m older than my father when he turnedbright gold and left his body with its used-up liverin the Faulkner Hospital, Jamaica Plain. I don’tbelieve in the afterlife, don’t know where he isnow his flesh has finished rotting from his longbones in the […]

NaPoMo: Poem for April 2

You can find more info about NaPoMo here, here and here. Watching TelevisionMarie Howe I didn’t want to look at the huge white egg the mother spider draggedalong behind her, attached to her abdomen, held off the ground, bigger than her own head-and inside it: hundreds of baby spiders feeding off the nest, and in […]

NaPoMo: Poem for April 1

National Poetry Month began on Tuesday. You can find out more info about NaPoMo here, here and here. In the meantime, welcome to my new NaPoMo feature! In previous years I’ve attempted the poem-a-day challenge (which is insanity), but this year I decided instead of trying to write a poem a day, I would blog […]