April 9: National Horrify Rachel Day

Seriously, it must be. First there was the whole clip from The View, totally dissing on Thomas Beatie. Then there was the frustratingly inane discussion in class about female suicide bombers (most of my classmates were absolutely opposed to the idea that female bombers could assume responsibility for their own actions; they were entirely convinced […]

NaPoMo: Poem for April 9

You can find more info about NaPoMo here, here and here. Instead of pasting in a poem here, I’m going to link instead over to Ploughshares, where you can read Kathleen Graber’s wonderful poem “Between Laurelton and Locust Manor.” Again, I’ve managed to choose a poem that plays with spacing in a way that silly […]

the view makes me angry.

The ladies of the television show The View really are a bunch of knuckleheads. They consistently bring up important, complex topics and boil them down to the basest, most disrespectful statements one can imagine. When Jennifer Beals and Cybill Shepherd were on the view to promote the new season of The L Word, the hostesses […]