Best. Stressful. Week. Ever.

As you may have noted from my whining here, it’s been fairly stressful at work. So I am taking this opportunity to give myself a little comic relief – I present here, in the grand tradition of VH1’s Best Week Ever, and AfterEllen’s Best Lesbian Week Ever: Rachel’s Best. Stressful. Week. Ever. Totally inane, completely […]

it’s an honor

I just want to point out that I am now officially a category.  Sweet.

mistress mary, quite contrary

So if you take a quick trip over to Philadelphia Magazine, you can find an article by one Mr. Michael Callahan, in which he carefully lays out his position against the continuation of the Philadelphia Gay Pride Festival and Parade. He basically calls for an end to the festival, indicating that he finds the whole […]

this is me.

All work and no play really does make Rachel a dull girl.Boo. I promise some less boring, not-work-related blog content coming your way. Maybe even tonight.

wireless is for wusses.

Yay – I’m hardwired into the internet at home. Finally – some sort of reliable access that doesn’t involve bogarting my neighbors’ connections. Which is not entirely kosher in the first place. Anyway, here it is. My Saturday night: Best Sangria Ever + interesting and amusing people + a midnight walk on the beach * […]

having a blogless life sucks.

I miss my blog. I miss pretending that lots and lots of people read it. I miss writing things that I think are witty and laughing to myself about them all day long. What I don’t miss: work. You know why? Because I have been here every freaking day, dealing with spreadsheets and salaries and […]

recap: killing time at LAX

So I finished work at 5 p.m. PDT, and there was nothing left to do at the hotel but drink. Since I wasn’t huge on the idea of getting on a plane all sloshed up, I decided to come over to the airport early. Five hours early. I thought I could manage to people-watch for […]

leaving los angeles

I’m leaving today for home. I’m more excited about that than I was at ten years old about the idea of Donny Wahlberg knocking on my door and taking me out for a lovely romantic dinner (which, of course, was never even a remote possibility). But what better way to leave Los Angeles: California Recognizes […]

Captain’s Log: I have lost track of the days.

Not really. It’s Monday. Day 1 of week 2. All seems to be going well. San Luis Obispo County has some fantastic wineries, in case you were wondering. Talley and Wolff Creek were the two I visited, followed by a trip to Tsurugi for sushi. Yum. After a four and a half hour drive in […]