Philadelphia has a kind of rocky relationship with rock stations on the radio. We had a really great station, 103.9 WDRE, but that was ages ago – I was in high school when I listed to WDRE. They hosted festival concerts, had a wonderful line up of disc jockeys and were all around just a kick-ass station. But after four years of broadcasting as a modern rock station, WDRE was bought out by Radio One in 1996, and flipped to a Hip Hop/R&B format.

After WDRE was killed off, listeners of modern rock in Philadelphia found their way over to 100.3 Y100, where they found a similar station format and some familiar names – including Preston Elliott, who was the afternoon DJ at WDRE. Over at Y100, after firing the staff of the Barsky in the Morning show, they gave Elliott a chance to expand, giving him the morning show slot. But again, Radio One stepped in, and after about seven years of broadcasting as a modern rock station, Y100 was flipped to a Hip Hop/R&B format. Boo.

Fortunately, the longstanding 93.3 WMMR opened its doors to Preston Elliott and his morning show crew, which is a good thing – they are a hugely popular morning show in the Philly market, and they have done some truly amazing things, including the Camp Out for Hunger and some beef-and-beer benefits for police and fire departments.

I have been listening to Preston and Steve faithfully every day for several years now. They’re a good source of comic relief, and the commute to work – which can sometimes take over an hour, depending on traffic – is much more bearable because of them. Often they’ll spotlight local happenings or people based on emails or phone calls that they get from listeners, and this morning that is exactly what happened. A listener who commutes to Center City Philadelphia by train passes a singing group in one of the train stations every day – and recently video taped them to share the video with Preston and Steve. Here’s the video:

Preston and Steve are now going to have them on the show (hopefully tomorrow) to perform in studio.

I think it’s really cute how the guy leans over and sings the last line of the song to the woman. Aww.

So there’s my happiness for today. Sweet.

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