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summer reading (and why I’m not keeping up with it)

I realized yesterday as I was trying to update my Charting blog that I am hopelessly behind on it – both the charting and the reading itself.

I am at least two issues behind on APR. I haven’t touched Wicked Alice, 21 Stars or DMQ in months. I need to get caught up on the latest Barefoot Muse (as I’ve only really read a few poems – and which, by the way, has a particularly beautiful cover photo this month). I’m only 2/3 of the way through Bitch Magazine‘s latest issue, and then I found a new feminist journal called MakeShift. And that doesn’t even consider the book pile that’s slowly growing in my house. I just went on a book binge – I picked up Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential (which I am currently reading), David Sedaris’ Holidays On Ice, and an anthology of trans memoirs that I forget the title of. I think I might be missing one, too. I also want to get Whipping Girl, and I want to borrow the book Ashley‘s reading about sex workers. Plus I returned Terrance Hayes’ Wind in a Box to the library unread because I didn’t have time to start it, so I’ll have to get that one out again. And then Kathy Graber is reading for my group on Friday night, so I want to reread her book, Correspondence, this week. Yikes!

I keep telling myself it’ll get better after this week: Top Chef‘s finale is tomorrow night (Team Stephanie!), and I have found myself completely compelled to watch reruns of the season’s episodes whenever it’s on – mostly due to three people:

Of course, Jen Biesty is long gone from the show, but Stephanie has a damn good chance of being the first woman to take the title of Top Chef.

Let’s hope that once I find out who the winner is, I can get back to reading, and stop my brain from turning to mush.

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