I have been writing for nearly 17 years.

Wow. That’s really weird.

But it’s true – I started writing poetry when I was about 12, and of course it wasn’t good. But I kept at it, and now here I am: almost 29, with a respectable handful of publication credits and a small book. I’m pretty happy.

Except that poetry-writing is incredibly cerebral. I spend a lot of time thinking, analyzing, reimagining. Although quite often the idea with poetry is to engage multiple senses, there is very little actual physicality to the poetry. And occasionally I get a desire to work with my hands, to manipulate tangible objects somehow. So I want to learn to do something new, some new kind of art or craft.

The problem with that is that I’m not hugely artistic. I can draw stick figures, and that’s about it. I’m not good at things like pottery and I wouldn’t even know where to begin in terms of glassblowing and stuff. So I decided I might try my hand at jewelry making. Which is probably laughable, in that I likely won’t ever achieve anything like this:

But I’m hoping I might be able to do better than this:

We’ll see what happens.

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