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ahh, airport blogging

So, I have just spent a whirlwind three days in Orlando, FL, helping to launch the new contract for my company. I sort of like being here in person, meeting the reps that I’ve spent so much time on the phone with – it’s nice to put faces to voices, and to see the end result of the work I’ve been doing. But at the same time, sitting in airports, sleeping in hotel rooms, eating the same food every day, spending time away from my family: not the life for me. Thank goodness this is not a regular occurrence at my job: it’s too much. And now I’ve just experienced my first flight delay: the 3:10 flight to Philly I was scheduled to take doesn’t leave until 4:25. That means I won’t get home until after 8:30. Not nearly enough time to pack for my next trip.

I didn’t get out of the hotel very much at all – Sunday night I was exhuasted and went to bed. Monday was a mess of handing out corporate credit cards: I hope Finance is ready for the mess they’re about to get. Sigh. Yesterday was another busy day – more handing out cards, coupled with answering questions about benefits and expense reimbursement. Then in the evening, there was a reception for all the reps and staff. We got to check out the employees in a less-than-formal setting, and it was amusing (from an HR perspective) to see who was drinking how much, saying what to who else, etc. We made a few mental notes about who we have to keep an eye on, and then I slipped off to Pleasure Island with a coworker for dinner.

Pleasure Island is WEIRD. There are tons of clubs, and they all spit their music out onto the street: Hillary Duff meets Lil Wayne meets some weird house music meets disco in courtyards around the complex. Everything is very, very, very, very clean – astonishingly so for a theme park, and one that serves alcohol from little carts on the street. We ate a Planet Hollywood, which was crowded and loud for 10 at night. Then we moseyed back to the shuttle and headed back to the hotel. By the time I got to bed, it was midnight – and I’m feeling it today.

Tomorrow I’m off to Sacramento for a few days to visit my brother. He’s moved out of the suburbs and back into the downtown area, which is fun: I really liked it when he lived downtown, an easy walk to coffee shops and stuff. And Sacramento is a great city, so I’m looking forward to a few days of downtime before heading back to the real world.

Hope everyone else is having a lovely week. I’ll try not to go nuts in the next two hours while I’m waiting to board.

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