I’m having all kinds of it:
California withdrawal
blog withdrawal
healthy stomach withdrawal
and yes, even a little of work withdrawal

Here’s the deal:
I flew from Orlando to Philadelphia on Wednesday of last week. After a ridiculous number of flight delays, I arrived back at my house at nearly 11 p.m. My ride to the airport for my trip to California arrived at 5 a.m. on Thursday morning. That was U.G.L.Y. I was exhausted. However, I had plenty of time to recover, as my flight to Cali was delayed, thus causing me to miss my connection in Dallas and spend four hours wandering Terminal C at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. Whatever, because I eventually arrived in Sacramento in one piece, and I was immediately whisked off to Rubicon to enjoy a delicious cold brew with Ron’s friends Troy, Corey and Jeff. Yum. I spent a wonderful few days in Sacramento, hanging out with Ron’s friends, checking out the view from a mountain, paying with the dogs. Then I headed back to Philadelphia (amid more flight delays) only to find that my stomach took on a new friend in the form of some sort of bug. I’ve spent the past two days hanging out on the couch, sleeping and shuffling to the bathroom.

TMI? Perhaps.

I’m hoping to get back to normalcy tomorrow. Ick.

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