Tony, I hope you’re paying attention.

If you are a poet, this is something you need to read. I have mad respect for Tony Hoagland – he is my favorite contemporary American poet. I sure as hell hope he’s heard about this. Interestingly, according to the Cider Press Review website, Lucille Clifton has cancelled her participation as the 2008 judge due […]

Every child, at some point, believes that there are: a) monsters under the bedb) a boogeyman in the closetc) gigantic spiders beneath the book shelfd) ghosts coming in the window Well, maybe not those exact things. But some variation of them. Right? Jacob is at the age where he is suddenly afraid of things. Earlier […]

office space: the pie chart

I had to participate in a conference call today. It was a training session relating to a report I received earlier this week that requires input from my company. I’m still not entirely sure why I needed to be on the call:1. It was concerning IT activity, and I am in Human Resources, not IT.2. […]

kyle payne

I have refrained from blogging on this situation because Cara @ the Curvature has done such a phenomenal job with it. However, I’ll blog it now, because the situation is “resolved” – inasmuch as a sexual assault can ever be resolved. For the full story of what actually happened, visit this link – a history […]

ANTM gets TG

An update from AfterEllen indicates that the newest cycle (#11, premiering September 3, 2008) of America’s Next Top Model will include a transgender model. Isis Tsunami – badass name, by the way – will be the first transgender contestant on the show.Look at the legs on this girl – hot damn. Of course, the interwebs […]

Ah, the AFA strikes again.

Major hat tip to Christoff, my JS Hero, for sending me this very funny email: The AFA has set up an online form to send Hallmark hate mail for makingsame sex marriage greeting cards; what a shame it would be if logical peopleused it to send Hallmark support mail instead. Turn the hate around! […]

pay attention

If you have ever taken birth control in your life, this is an important blog post.

ebay is heaven

I bought a new toy this week.For $7.00 (including shipping), I have added this Polaroid Sun600 to my camera collection (which otherwise consists of a Canon EOS Rebel and a Fujifilm FinePix S700). I don’t know yet if it works, as I haven’t bought film for it. I’ll attempt to find film for it tomorrow.

yes. the pay is certain.

I suppose since I started writing at the age of 12 (and “seriously” at around 20), I have searched for a way to explain writing and its impact on me. Succinct summation is difficult to come by, and I’ve tried on many quotes over the years that seemed to fit for some time. Some (probably […]