Rachel Bunting

ANTM gets TG

An update from AfterEllen indicates that the newest cycle (#11, premiering September 3, 2008) of America’s Next Top Model will include a transgender model.

Isis Tsunami – badass name, by the way – will be the first transgender contestant on the show.

Look at the legs on this girl – hot damn.

Of course, the interwebs and the blogosphere are all aflame with people talking about what this means. I shouldn’t have to point out that this is the first transgender contestant to be part of a regular cast on cable tv, where the focus of the show is not on sexuality or gender identity. Finally.

Isis will inevitably be put in the uncomfortable role of TG Representative, and the task of representing the entire transgender community will fall on her shoulders. It’s an unfair assignment of duty, as no one person’s experience is quite like another’s, but it is the reality of the situation. Hopefully Isis is as capable as she is beautiful.

Will you be watching?

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