lesser evils

I really don’t like Barack Obama. I wish he wasn’t the Democratic candidate for President. What I’ve been reading about him in Time, Rolling Stone and other magazines and webzines has indicated to me that he’s not as respectful or considerate as he would have us believe. He doesn’t quite seem to remember where he […]

recap(ish): America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 11

Last night, the CW premiered America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11. As usual, a whole mess of really pretty girls attempt to win one of 14 spots in the Top Model house, where they’ll compete in a series of challenges and photo shoots. Each week, one model gets eliminated until the ultimate Top Model is […]

check me out

My flow-chart is on Graph Jam! Go to the voting page, and look for “Rachel’s Guide to NonTraditional Secondary Education.” Give me a thumbs up, and I might make it to the front page. As it is, I’m not doing so hot right now. Boo.