Rachel Bunting

the first and last time i will ever blog about this.

I’m not even sure how I feel about saying this, but:
I now know someone who is on the Nascar homepage.

That girl in the red circle on the right side of the photo: that’s Sharon. We took a poetry class together. She has some really rad tattoos. I saw her on Sunday: she told me about happening upon pit tickets to a Nascar race, meeting Kyle Busch and gassing up a car. Or something.

I don’t even want to know this much about Nascar. But now I do. Super.

Anyway, I think it’s converted her for life. She’s slowly turning into, as she says, “a hill person.” Nascar? Check. Cheap beer? Probably check. Gun tattoo? Check. Conservative voting? Based on our conversation Sunday evening (pro-NRA), I’m going to go with yes.

Oh, how age changes us.

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