Rachel Bunting

No on Prop 8

I don’t live in California, but goodness, sometimes I wish I did. One of my favorite people (my brother) and a few old friends live there. They have Sacramento and San Francisco. And then this year they went ahead and legalized same-sex marriage.

But guess what? That legalization is now in danger, thanks to Proposition 8, or the Eliminates Rights of Same-Sex Couples to Marry Act. I am sure the wording could not have been any clearer, or any more forthright about the intention of the opponents of same-sex unions: eliminates rights.

Why doesn’t that scare more people?

Prop 8 is going to the polls on November 4th – so while the rest of us are choosing a new president and members of Congress, Californians are going to be voting on whether or not your gay friends can get married there.

And there’s an initiative to support Prop 8: the Protect Marriage project is running ads which disseminate misinformation about gay marriage, and it seems to be working. See an ad here.

It turns out that California Renewal is the organization behind the Protect Marriage project. It’s a little difficult to find info on California Renewal, but what I did manage to find is that they are (at least loosely) connected with California Family Council, which in turn is associated with Focus on the Family. Oh boy. Focus on the Family is an evangelical group founded by James Dobson, who in my estimation is a fucking wingnut. Dobson and his crew at FotF support and actively advocate for corporal punishment and want to put prayer back in public schools. FotF has been criticized by members of the medical, psychological and mental health communities, and they have done a lot of work with so-called “ex-gay” organizations through their Love Won Out program.

So here again we have a small number of people trying to dictate the “best” way to live for the entire population.

Again, I don’t know why that doesn’t scare more people.

Take a few minutes to educate yourself about Prop 8, and the lies that Protect Marriage is spreading. Then, email your friends and family in California and encourage them to Vote No on Prop 8 on November 4. And after you’ve done that, you can check in with No on 8 to find out what else you can do to make sure same-sex marriage stays legal in California beyond November 4.

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