Rachel Bunting


Now this shit pisses me off:

Ashley Todd, who reported she was attacked by an Obama supported in “a bad part of Pittsburgh” while taking money out of an ATM, has admitted to making it up.

This situation presents several problems:

1. She’s attempted to tamper with an election. As a McCain supporter, she created a negative portrayal of Obama supporters – for what purpose? Certainly not by coincidence – not at this point in time. In Pennsylvania, a state that McCain is desperately trying to hang on to, this young, innocent looking Southern girl levied some serious accusations of assault and robbery against a supporter of her candidate’s opponent. The only reasonable motive is to create a state of fear about what will happen if Obama’s supporters have something to celebrate come November 4th.

2. She’s reaffirming the national fear of The Black Man. Her vague description plays on stereotypes that we are all too familiar with – reminiscent of the Susan Smiths of the world. This is one of the oldest stereotypes available, people: The Black Man as a sexual and violent predator of white women. This is Birth of a Nation shit.

3. She’s undermining the ground we’ve gained in having violence against women taken seriously. Everytime a woman makes up a story about being assaulted, harrassed, abused or taken advantage of, women as a group lose credibility. In a world where we have women like Eve Ensler and men like Joe Biden fighting so hard for the health and safety of women, and men like John McCain voting down bills that would provide us even a little bit of security, it drives me incredibly bonkers to know that some 20-year-old twit who doesn’t think about the world beyond her own viewpoint is willing to risk everything we’ve ever fought for.

Ashley Todd is now being charged with making a false report to the police. In a perfect world, she’d also be charged with being a racist set on defeating the purpose of democracy, and endangering the lives of women.

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