bibles, anyone?

I’m working on a poetry project, and I have a need for bibles – any version will do. Do you have an extra? Willing to ship it to me? Send me an email at rachel (dot) bunting (at) gmail (dot) com, and we’ll work out the details.

merry christmas to you!

So on Tuesday night, as I was settling in to wrap presents, I did this: (that’s my foot, btw. Left foot. Broken tibia and fibula.) After a few hours in the ER, some good pain killers, and a little manipulation by the Nurse Practitioner, it looked like this: She did a fairly good job of […]

so close (pictorial update)

Christmas is a day and a half away, and I am, for once in my adult life, not entirely stressed out. It’s a nice thing. I’m completely finished holiday shopping, and all the packages have arrived. Yay! I only have to wrap. I did quite a bit of baking this year – jam thumbprints, snickerdoodles, […]

just in case you wondered

what my strange little family would look like as dancing elves, here you go: Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Friday Goodness (of sorts)

Well, that was a grumpy post. I thought I’d post something less grumpy, to make up for it: more animals There. I definitely feel better now.And here are some musics I’ve been listening to lately:First, some BNL, to get you in the Christmas spirit:[youtube=]And then maybe a little Temptation:[youtube=]Happy Friday!

getting extreme up in this joint

My brother took my son rock climbing last night: (checking the power triangle or something) (on the way up) This kid is nuts. Later in the evening, at a friend’s house, Ron was introduced to Guitar Hero. He sucks at it. And finally, a random text exchange between myself and Martina:Martina: OMG. I just saw […]

reading skippyjon jones at bedtime is suddenly not enough

is now up at Literary Mama. In other Jacob news, he decided last night that he wanted to submit a video to the iCarly website. We made several videos and submitted the funniest one; hopefully it will appear on the website and he will think he is famous. Here is one of the outtakes we […]

and it won’t matter now, whatever happens to me

Not too long ago, Donna and I were talking about the hows and whys of maintaining relationships and friendships: how do we choose who is most important to us, who shapes us in positive or negative ways? Why do we place such special significance on some relationships, despite obstacles of time, distance, personal differences? And […]

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