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I have loved the Cure, from what I can remember, since I was 12. Classmate Dan Ginsberg, in a move of stunning influence, lent me the newly-released Wish during the spring of our 7th grade year, and I was instantly won over. That led to many years of happy listening, and there was a time when I owned nearly every musical release the Cure put out. I thought Robert Smith was, truly, the shit. I loved his pancake makeup, his heavy eyeliner, his goofy hair. I swooned over his voice and lyrics, and really believed that I was more profound than everyone around me because of my attachment to the Cure’s sugary goth-pop.

I still love the Cure (though I’ve gotten over my addiction to kohl black eyeliner and floppy Reeboks with no laces), which is why I love this video so damn much. Combining two of my favorite things in life, I present to you: The LolCats covering the Cure:

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