trouble in paradise

I ran into a snag last night on Imprimatur – some of the lines in some of the poems are too long to fit on the paper I selected to use with the typewriter. I decided to quarter a regular 8.5×11″ sheet of onion skin for the project, and I thought it was working out […]

poems like a hand in my chest

Today I did a meme on Facebook that asked me to list the 20 books of poetry that made me want to be a poet. These were my answers: 1. The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills – Charles Bukowski2. Blood Sugar – Nicole Blackman3. The Good Thief – Marie Howe4. Dien […]

camping wishlist

I got my tax return last night – whoo! It’s sitting in a savings account now, and I’ve no plans to use it, but I do enjoy dreaming. So here’s a few things that have caught my eye: REI Half Dome 2 HC Tent(with footprint, of course)Osprey Aura 50 Pack a fancy knife with which […]

Reading Wishlist

So I started a modified version of the reading charting again on my website. I think previously I was way too ambitious – but I do want to keep track of what I’m reading in a year. So I’m just going with books at this point, and tossing the rest. But I need to start […]

weekend update

So after my crappy Friday, the weekend got a bit better. On Saturday, I went wedding dress shopping at Goodwill with Karen, who ultimately found The Dress online (heh). But we did find a serious contender for my bridesmaid dress:Why yes, that is a fluorescent orange synthetic-blend covered in rhinestones and sequins with tulle peeking […]

friday the 13th

Grrrr. I don’t like Friday the 13th, though I am not a hugely superstitious person (read: not superstitious at all). So far today, I: a) was wrong about something that I really did not want to be wrong about, and yelled at someone because of it when I shouldn’t have, and now I’m embarrassed;b) have […]


Ok, so, like, two years ago or something, Donna handed me this book called Sex, Lies and Stereotypes to read. I sort of laughed at her – the cover art was two red bras on a clothesline, and Donna said something like it would tell me everything I needed to know about lesbians and stereotypes. […]

open letter

To the person who searched “america’s next top model the heshe” and ended up on my blog: The correct term is “transgender,” or “transwoman.” Read. Learn. Stop using “heshe.” Sincerely,Rachel