too good not to blog

this, via Feministe:The Passion 4 Christ Movement has launched the sale of their newest t-shirt:It’s the latest in the EX- series, which also includes Ex-Atheist, Ex-Hypocrite, Ex-Fornicator, Ex-Diva, Ex-Slave, Ex-Homosexual, Ex-Rebel and Ex-Hustler. July ain’t too far away, kids. Don’t you think my 30th birthday deserves a celebration like this?

7:12 a.m.: watching cartoons

While this blogger’s favorite artist is busy bragging about the Nicest. January. Ever. in SF, this is what I woke up to today: Well, that and a two-hour delay on school openings. Jacob is wired. Fortunately, a friend from Sacramento sent him a huge box full of Legos – she’s in with a manager at […]