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I don’t often think about the size of my own ego. Predictably, I openly discuss what I think about this or that person’s ego, but rarely do I acknowledge that I have one of my own. I thought I was pretty humble, pretty down to earth. But it’s not true, really, and I just had that brought home to me.

Last week, a poetry friend emailed me about a live tv show being produced locally – each segment features a poet reading, followed by a Q&A session from the host, as well as viewers who are able to call into the show. This friend suggested I sent the producer some poems, and after viewing the list of previously featured poets, I did. I just heard back this morning from the producer:

“Thanks for your interest in (tv show). I’ll keep you in mind for the future.”

I haven’t been so summarily dismissed in a while. It stings a little.

I suppose it’s a good reminder for me to not be so snarky, or so arrogant. For some reason, rejections from journals never feel this personal. And of course, I recognize that it’s not really personal: I don’t know the producer, and it’s likely he doesn’t know me either. Perhaps what I’m writing isn’t what he likes to read, which I should remember happens sometimes.

But I think I’ve grown accustomed to being accepted rather than rejected, and I feel sort of like an ass now.

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  1. Don’t waste your time thinking about rejections. Move on with the thought that it’s their loss. My advice: Save the rejections, so that you can one day look back on them and let your ego have the last laugh.

  2. I agree with kim. Don let it get to you. You are a great poet and have a long list of accomplishments (publications, readings, etc.) to prove it. Don’t let one thing put you in a hole. Maybe you will get on that show one day.

  3. It’s a great life skill, and I always think that those of us who, as a way of life, constantly expose ourselves in little and bigger ways to rejection (read: poets seeking publication) really do have a leg-up over our fellow humans. In that, we REALLY have to learn how to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and just keep moving.

    Go, us!

  4. You can come across as a bit self-involved in your journal (uh don’t we all) and hey, egos are normal as long as we can keep them in check.

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