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Ok, so, like, two years ago or something, Donna handed me this book called Sex, Lies and Stereotypes to read. I sort of laughed at her – the cover art was two red bras on a clothesline, and Donna said something like it would tell me everything I needed to know about lesbians and stereotypes. I thought it was funny because she was dead-opposed to owning up to any stereotypical behaviors (even though her name is Donna, thank you – read the book and you’ll get it), but I read the book anyway and found myself cracking the eff up all the way through it. I think it was when I finished the “Straight Girl Trauma” essay that I realized I was totally enamored with Kim Ficera, the book’s author and a legitimate hottie. She’s smart and funny and so I was thrilled when I realized she was writing a column over at AfterEllen called Don’t Quote Me.

And then the column went away, and I was bereft.

But now she’s back, and blogging too! Which is really exciting, and I was all goofy-happy when I commented on her blog the other day and she commented back.

And then she commented on MY blog yesterday, and I nearly peed my pants. How does this even happen? And the funniest part of that is my friend saying, “I agree with Kim,” and that Kim being KIM FREAKING FICERA.

Sorry, I’m just having a little star-struck freak out here. I don’t know how it happens that, like, people I respect and admire and wish I could be like actually click over here and read my blog and leave me nice comments. It makes me wish I was more hip/eloquent/clever.

The point is: go buy a copy of Kim’s book. And then read her blog and tell her she’s amazing.

(ps – since I seem to be on a roll here, with first Calpernia Addams and now Kim commenting on my blog, can I get a little Ariel Levy in the house? ‘Cause, you know, also incredibly awesome!)

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  1. Well Rachel,
    Kim does slip into her panties one leg at a time, just as you do.

    Sadly, I am past the age of idolizing celebs. Sorry, hun.

  2. Reverie –

    Wow. But don’t all religious enthusiasts idolize the, like, number one celeb in the world. What’s he going by these days? Heavenly father? Or is it savior? Redeemer? I wasn’t sure so I just borrowed from your profile. Hope you don’t mind, hun.

  3. Hey, Ash. I am going by the bible which qoutes God, to wit!
    “No flesh shall glory in My presence.”

    I like you too, hun.

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