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weekend update

So after my crappy Friday, the weekend got a bit better. On Saturday, I went wedding dress shopping at Goodwill with Karen, who ultimately found The Dress online (heh). But we did find a serious contender for my bridesmaid dress:

Why yes, that is a fluorescent orange synthetic-blend covered in rhinestones and sequins with tulle peeking out the bottom. The best part: it was in exactly my size. The better best part: it was about $40. The best best part: there was a companion dress in fluorescent green.

As much as the orange is lovely, I think we’ll opt for something a little more like this:

Then, Donna and I took Anna’s girls to Ikea so we could get a workstation for our new/used computer (free electronics = happy Rachel!). The girls were, I think, a little reluctant to go to Ikea – until we got there and they realized they could touch and sit on everything. They tried pretty much every couch, chair, bed and stool in the store. And, in case you’ve never been to an Ikea, it’s a BIG store.

Sunday I drove B to her gymnastics meet in Atlantic City. It was a bit nerve-wracking to watch her compete; she did really well on beam, scoring a 9.250. There was a heart stopping fall from the bars, though, and I realized that I am super duper extra glad that Jacob doesn’t do gymnastics. I mean, sheesh. But B is a trooper, and she got up after only a few moments delay. Within ten minutes she was smiling and joking again, and by the end of the meet she told me it didn’t hurt. Thank goodness. (Once again, I say: Anna, I don’t know how you do it.)

And Sunday evening I had a lovely post-Valentine’s dinner, complete with a Fancy Date:

I literally burst out laughing when Donna emerged from the back of the apartment in her Chaplin-esque attire. (She had to remove the mustache in order to eat.) We decided ages ago to only ever do handmade Valentines – mine to her prominently featured clip-art asparagus and a wonderful couplet from Andrew Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress;” hers to me included a small foam bird in a tree and Peter Gabriel’s “The Book of Love.” We are strange.

Hope your weekend was as fun.

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  1. I heart you guys! haha That pic just makes me smile. And your valentines to each other are wonderful. SUCK IT HALLMARK!

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