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Reading Wishlist

So I started a modified version of the reading charting again on my website. I think previously I was way too ambitious – but I do want to keep track of what I’m reading in a year. So I’m just going with books at this point, and tossing the rest.

But I need to start a reading wishlist, too – there are so many books I see and want to read, and then I lose track of them. So here beginneth Rachel’s Reading Wishlist (which will be edited on an ongoing basis):

1. Not June Cleaver – Joanne Meyerowitz
2. Queen Bee Moms and Kingpin Dads – Rosalind Wiseman
3. Yes Means Yes – Jaclyn Friedman & Jessica Valenti
4. The World’s Wife – Carol Ann Duffy

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  1. Have you tried Shelfari? It is awesome! You can keep track of books you finished, what you’re reading now, books you want to read, and even create a wish list of books you would like to buy (or get others to buy for you ;-)). You can also rate the books and type comments about them. One of my friends is using it like a card catalogue to keep track of her library since it features an option to print the list. Check it out!

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