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trouble in paradise

I ran into a snag last night on Imprimatur – some of the lines in some of the poems are too long to fit on the paper I selected to use with the typewriter. I decided to quarter a regular 8.5×11″ sheet of onion skin for the project, and I thought it was working out well. Until I tried to type out some of the longer poems – and it wasn’t working well any longer.

I just finished laying out the whole shenanigans in Microsoft Word so that it’ll print the way I want it to, with the font I want to use. Now the challenge is finding a way to print on onion skin paper – so far, the laser printer keeps jamming, and this is one piece I’m not keen to compromise on.

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  1. Have you tried changing the different paper settings in Word when you go to Print?

    Sometimes if you hand feed the sheets or change the paper type, it will work. I had a problem trying to print on handmade paper to make notecards a few years ago and was able to make it work…

  2. To help with the paper-jamming problem – have you tried attaching the onion-skin paper to a normal sheet of paper with a teeny-tiny glob of blu-tack? This should provide some support for the paper as it feeds through and the blu-tack comes off easily enough if you use another bigger blob of blu-tack to gently rub it off…

    Dunno, worth a try, perhaps. I don’t know if it’s called the same thing over there but here’s a link to what I mean…

  3. sounds like the printer doesn’t like the weight of the paper. I agree with Scotty. Here’s another thought – are you putting the paper in the tray or printing from the manual tray?

  4. If it’s from the paper tray, try doing a manual feed. Sometimes the rollers need a little more weight to grab the paper. With a manual feed, the roller are more sensitive and allows you to feed different types and weights of paper.

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