I mean, seriously: three separate entries over at Feministe today had me almost spitting Coke across my keyboard:

First, this highly disturbing entry [trigger warning], which features a video of a police officer beating a 15-year-old female suspect. I just want to re-emphasize here: the girl was a suspect. Not convicted. Suspected. And while beating a person doesn’t get any less horrifying (in my eyes) when a person is convicted of something, I find it completely reprehensible that this treatment was delivered to a young woman who hadn’t been proven to be guilty of anything at all. And really – is the hair-pulling necessary?

After that, I read this completely laughable entry. I mean, really: at what point will Christians realize that they don’t need to corner the market on every single concept?

And finally, Rush Limbaugh is a complete ass. I can’t believe that things that come out of some people’s mouths. And Michael Steele: why?

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  1. Thank god my library won’t let me watch streaming video, so I didn’t get to see the police video. But I so wanted to see the Limbaugh one. You know, so I could laugh at everything he says.

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