coming soon to an april near you

April is just around the corner, so you know what that means: National Poetry Month! Woo! Here is the official Academy of American Poets page for NaPoMo – there are awesome events planned nationwide, and stuff taking place online too. There are things you can do alone, things to do with groups – even things […]


Tomorrow is a Spirit Day at my son’s school. The theme is “Mixed Up/Dress Backward Day,” and there were no suggestions or guidelines offered for what types of clothing the administration, PTO and teachers expect to see on the kids tomorrow. I imagine they’re thinking some kids will come in with their shirts and pants […]

i smell the smelly smell of something that smells smelly

Don made a list, randomly, on his blog last night of his ten favorite smells. I’m all meme’d up lately, so here’s my list of my ten favorite smells, in no particular order: 1. the Pine Barrens2. baking bread, cookies, cakes3. oddly enough, Keba4. new car5. Jacob (after a bath)6. Play-doh7. cilantro8. the raspberry lotion […]