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coming soon to an april near you

April is just around the corner, so you know what that means:

National Poetry Month!


Here is the official Academy of American Poets page for NaPoMo – there are awesome events planned nationwide, and stuff taking place online too. There are things you can do alone, things to do with groups – even things to do with strangers!

And here is the link to the PFFA’s NaPoWriMo, where one of the many one-a-day challenges is hosted. The crowd at PFFA is a hard one for critique (as in, you better have a thick skin and a small ego), but the NaPoWriMo threads are always entertaining and encouraging.

I’m debating whether or not I’ll be attempting the one-a-day challenge; if I do, you may see some lines appear on this blog. I’m also considering what I did last year: posting a poem a day by other poets that I really like.

Definitely stay tuned for some poetry fun, and check out NaPoMo for yourself!

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  1. Oh my I can’t believe it’s already here. I don’t know if I can do another one-a-day this year. I have tons of material but no motiviation to write! If I get through a week I’ll be proud.

    If you do decide to do it, I’d be happy to be supporto-girl – last year what helped me make it through the month was knowing I’d promised to email a poem a day to friends so they’d know I was still on track. It really helped.

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