It’s just around the corner, folks, and in anticipation I’ve committed myself to the poem-a-day challenge over at the PFFA. You can follow my progress here (I’ll be adding this link to the right hand column, too, so you can have a permalink-y).

I really should have committed myself to a mental health hospital instead.

But classes don’t start till May, and I’m on the road a bit for work – and what else is there to do in the long, lonely evenings alone in my hotel room?

And there’s another poem-a-day challenge, brought to my attention by the spectacular Donna Vorreyer, over at Poetic Asides. This one involves judges, people, and possible inclusion in an e-anthology. Do it, do it, do it!

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  1. I believe this is the first time anyone has ever called me spectacular – thanks much! I’m looking forward to the challenge of a poem a day!

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