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how about we just glue some quarters up there instead?

Donna and I are having trouble.

You see, I bought this adorable house, and we moved into it about two weeks ago. In the living room, there is a wall that is perfectly-sized for a large piece of art. The space is probably 4.5 x 4.5 ft, and we painted the wall a deep green color (I believe the color was Holly Green, for those who are interested). We’ve spent a few days discussing what might end up on that wall, and we came pretty quickly to the same conclusion: rather than spending $20 on a cheap poster and another $20 on a crappy frame from Target, we agreed to spend some time looking at original pieces of art – photographs, canvases, whatever. We like the idea of supporting artists who are producing original and exciting work, as we are trying to do just that with our writing.

It turns out, though, that we have hugely different aesthetics. I don’t know enough about art to really clarify or classify it accurately, but I can say this: we both like very different versions of “moody” art. I like photographs and paintings that are sort of dark, black-and-white, broody, lonely. Donna likes the more romantic version of moody, I think. Some examples:

I like this. She likes this.
I countered with this. I think she liked it, but not enough.

I tried StumbleUpon today – I have “photography” listed in my interests on SU, and sure enough, I found something I like:

Kevin Van Aelst, who takes some amazing photographs.
My favorites (so far):
Circulatory System (Heart On Your Sleeve)
Right Thumb

Clearly, I like nerdy art, too.

The question now is: what are the chances these photographs are anything near affordable? This dude has done editorial work for some major media outlets, and as much as I like supporting artists who are alive and working, I am broke-ass artist myself. So hm.

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  1. Hmm. How about something artistic like the building from the time frame it was built? I dunno. Just seems like more wall space that a fish tank could take. Or a fish art. Or Billy Mouth Bass.

  2. Or you could glue beer caps from different beers you get and put it on fiberboard and post that on the wall. Or try to make a mosaic-tile like design out of the caps. Or maybe something like the Mona Lisa out of beer caps.

  3. I think that, between you and Donna, you could probably take your own amazing photograph and get it beautifully matted and framed. If your free verse pictures were any indication, it should be easy. Or, frame a series of your favorite free verse photos – poetry and art in your living room – and take your time looking for the perfect piece that you both like AND fill up the space.

  4. I actually have a copy of the dogs playing poker print if you decide you are interested.

    I think Donna V had a really great suggestion.

  5. I agree…you should create your own photograph/painting and slap it up there. Though I did really like that Heart on Your Sleeve one.

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