holy racist remarks, batman

So I’m sure we’ve all heard by now about Henry Louis Gates’ arrest on July 16 at his own home in Cambridge, MA. (Incidentally, that Wiki link is woefully inadequate.) Well, today the news comes that one of the Boston police officers sent an email calling Gates a “jungle monkey” (source article): A Boston cop […]


I realized over the past few months that, creatively speaking, I need to work in projects. Themes are good for me. Example: the creation of my final portfolio for photography seemed a lot less daunting once I settled on a theme. Something about a cohesive thread of narrative really appeals to me. I finally have […]

photography final project

It’s here! Vernacular: A Visual Interpretation of Language (after several attempts to post the slideshow here, I can see that flickr doesn’t love me today. boo.)

vacation and a birthday

So last week I took vacation from work (and not a moment too soon). I spent the week puttering around the house, and taking Jacob all over the place – the movies, the Funplex (which is like Chuck E. Cheese, but the food is worse and there’s an outdoors part), and also to the aquarium:The […]

another victory!

Clearly I am behind in blogging, and I was away for a few days last week camping in the Pine Barrens, and so I didn’t see the news until today, but: The Matthew Shepard Act has passed, and the bill will be presented to Obama in the near future for his signature. Sweet!

adventures in gardening

I’m on vacation this week, and have spent the past few days doing kid-friendly fun things: swimming, movies, Funplex (which is like Chuck E. Cheese, but with an outdoor water part, too. Ugh). But in the mornings, I’ve spent an hour or so playing gardener, weeding the flower beds and planting a few things: The […]


**During NaPoMo, when I was participating in the Poem-A-Day challenge, I wrote this thing. It was a quick little draft of a poem, mostly designed to get the idea on paper so I could come back to it later. It was based on a Huffington Post article I read, which gave few details about the […]

weekend recap

So Donna and I had big exciting plans to head to NYC yesterday to try to catch tickets for Shakespeare in the Park, featuring Anne Hathaway as Viola in Twelfth Night. We got up at 4 a.m., arrived at the park around 6:10 a.m., and sat in line until 10 a.m. At this point, someone […]

weekend plans

Heading up to Northern Jerz tonight for the beginning of Rachel and Donna’s Most Awesome Shakespearian Adventure. Cross your fingers I make it home alive.


Sigh. I mean, really, I take back all those nice things I said about thinking I could learn to love a city like Fort Worth. Anniversary of Stonewall. Coincidence?