**During NaPoMo, when I was participating in the Poem-A-Day challenge, I wrote this thing. It was a quick little draft of a poem, mostly designed to get the idea on paper so I could come back to it later. It was based on a Huffington Post article I read, which gave few details about the case, and even fewer about the man himself.

Today I decided to do a little work on the poem. I wanted a more realistic picture of James Hines, so I decided to try and google him. What I found was a wealth of information, collected over here at Soul Detective. Red Kelly, the author of the blog, has put the interwebs to good use, and has managed to collect an incredible amount of background on James Hines, including his history as a musician and his life beyond the music. Also up on the site are mp3 files of a large handful of Hines’ songs – which are, by the way, incredibly good, and I have been grooving to them all morning.

The poem is only a little further along than it was this morning when I opened the file – I’m heading back to workshop tonight with some old friends, and hopefully will get some direction. It feels like a poem that may never turn into anythign substantial, but it’s a poem I feel compelled to try anyway.

I think I’m just really struck by how much info Red Kelly had managed to gather. I mean, I don’t very often write about people I don’t know, and when I do write about them, it’s usually based on what I do know about them. It’s rare that I invent a history for someone in a poem, and then find their actual life later – it’s sort of like opening a long-locked closet and finding my mother’s high school prom dress, or something.

**I found this week the Twitter feed of the daughter of someone that works at my company. Strange. Like seeing him in his underwear, as a coworker said.

**Last night D and I went to Woodbridge to hear the super cool Tony Gruenewald. During the open mic, this totally granola guy who wasn’t wearing any shoes read a poem that was totally an attempt to pick up someone else in the room. I’m pretty sure it’s the first time I have ever seen a poem-as-pick-up-line in real life, and I’m also pretty sure that it worked.

**The photography class 20-shot final portfolio is underway, in addition to a weekly project that requires 16 shots. Sigh. That’s a lot of pictures, but I feel confident I can make it work.

**It is so hard to get motivated today.

Happy Thursday. Go listen to that James Hines over at Soul Detective. My personal favorite: “Guilty of Adultry.” Go on, have a listen.

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