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I’m on vacation this week, and have spent the past few days doing kid-friendly fun things: swimming, movies, Funplex (which is like Chuck E. Cheese, but with an outdoor water part, too. Ugh). But in the mornings, I’ve spent an hour or so playing gardener, weeding the flower beds and planting a few things:

The gardens, until this week, were untouched for more than a month – the previous owners stopped maintaining them after a certain point (understandably), and then during our first few weeks here, we got buckets and buckets of rain. So the lavender bush at the back of the house is choked out right now (my project for tomorrow); it took me an hour to clear a two-foot-square space around the lilies in the back garden. And we’ve found a ton of these gross, sort of pre-historic looking things:

The roots are sort of like long, white teeth. Every time I yank one up, I shiver a little – they creep me out for some reason. I found one that was almost as tall as me – it started to droop as soon as I pulled it out of the ground, but it really is probably about 4 and a half feet tall, from root to tip. Yuck.

And then there are these little guys:

They almost had me fooled – they created a nice ground cover in the front garden, between the lilies, and I was hesitant to rip them up:

But then I got clarification from my master gardener (my mom), and tomorrow they will be saying au revoir to their little home.

On the plus side, I have a very healthy pair of hostas in the front yard, and a lovely, lovely hydrangea that is just coming into bloom:

At some point in the next few days, I’m hoping to get to Ash’s, a great plant supplier at the Farmer’s Market, to buy some more perennials and take over that spot in the front garden, where the weeds are now.

As the summer goes on, I’ll start to prep a back section of the yard for next year’s vegetable garden. Until then…

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