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vacation and a birthday

So last week I took vacation from work (and not a moment too soon). I spent the week puttering around the house, and taking Jacob all over the place – the movies, the Funplex (which is like Chuck E. Cheese, but the food is worse and there’s an outdoors part), and also to the aquarium:

The rest of the week was capped off by my camping birthday party – I turned 30 on Thursday. The camping was awesome; some highlights:

– great weather (only a smidge of rain Friday night)
– calling the park rangers on the rowdy teenagers partying hard in the next campsite at 2:30 in the morning, only to find that the park rangers made those underage teenagers call their parents at 2:30 in the morning
– listening to Andy do the Ah-nuld voice for about ten minutes straight
– playing the “create a group story” with adults and kids, which involved a carnival barker, several side show acts, Jerry Springer, Steve the Security guard, a gay marriage and a love triangle
– lake swimming
– the sexist jackass who rented us canoes and tried to tell me that a) you don’t steer a canoe from the back; b) men should always be in the back, even if they have never been in a canoe before, because they’re stronger; and c) whatever I know about canoes is nothing comparison to what he knows about canoes
– successful fire making
– lots and lots of s’mores

Now I’m back to reality, and am catching up on the work (both at work and home) that I slacked off on.

Sometime this weekend: final photography portfolio for your viewing pleasure.

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