house of leaves (and other creative endeavors)

I started reading House of Leaves this weekend. I have attempted it before – a quick skim here or there, but the text is so intimidating that it always overwhelmed me, and I couldn’t get into it. I read through most of Truant’s Introduction on Saturday morning, and today decided to check out the Wiki […]

Friday Goodness

This is all it takes to make my day, folks: see more Funny Graphs Happy Friday everyone!

emails from crazy people

Here I was, eating my lunch and lamenting the fact that I didn’t have anything specific to blog today. Oh, silly me. What was I thinking? Of course there’s something to blog! I recently started reading this website, Emails from Crazy People.  It’s another website owned by Ben Huh, the guy who runs I Can […]


Camping pictures added to my Flickr page! And, I got a super nice email about my blog today from a woman named Kara – it’s nice to know that somebody (aside from Donna and BJ) read this blog with any regularity. Thanks, Kara!

Good Night, Ted

Senator Ted Kennedy has died. Thank you for fighting through it all.

an open letter to the folks searching my blog

Thanks for visiting. No, really, thank you. I’m glad to know that you’ve found my new home here at WordPress, as I’m quite proud of it. And I’m glad that when someone searches “trans” or “transwoman,” that my blog generates some hits. I consider myself part of the feminist community that wants to include transpeople, […]

weekend update

Well, my camera cable is MIA right now, so I can’t post the pictures from our camping trip – but I can give you an update, so here goes. Ash and Tapan arrived Friday night, and after a quick trip to Wegman’s for supplies, they made us a delicious dinner of seitan fajitas (seitan is […]

call for assistance

From the incredible Staceyann Chin: Many of you have already heard about our film, Baby Makes me. For you, this is an update. But for the folks who have not heard Tiona and I are making a documentary together. For years, I have wanted to become a mother. But the timing has never been quite […]

thursday is a lemon.

This is turning out to be a somewhat crappy week. After a fairly sizeable mess-up at work (for which I have been properly and fairly reprimanded, but still feel awful about), I returned home yesterday to find that the kitten I am fostering this week had passed away during the day. We can only assume, […]