Rachel Bunting

an open letter to the folks searching my blog

Thanks for visiting. No, really, thank you. I’m glad to know that you’ve found my new home here at WordPress, as I’m quite proud of it.

And I’m glad that when someone searches “trans” or “transwoman,” that my blog generates some hits. I consider myself part of the feminist community that wants to include transpeople, and as such, when I’m blogging social issues, I try to blog trans issues as part of that.

However, I was reviewing my blog stats today and I just wanted to mention that it’s probably disrespectful to search this:

post-op transwoman vagina

Of course, I’m lacking the context here – who knows what the searcher was actually looking for, what their intent was. It just feels icky to me. Why do you need to know what a post-op transwoman’s genitals look like?

On the other hand, this is definitely disrespectful:

isis model when she was a boy

The point here is that Isis wasn’t a boy. Ever. And it’s rude to insist that she was.

That is all.

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