I started reading House of Leaves this weekend. I have attempted it before – a quick skim here or there, but the text is so intimidating that it always overwhelmed me, and I couldn’t get into it. I read through most of Truant’s Introduction on Saturday morning, and today decided to check out the Wiki entry on the book – I think it will help, now that I have a foundation to work from. And I got hooked this time; not sure what’s different, but I’m in, and I intend to continue this week while Jacob is away.

Of course, the byproduct of reading such a conceptually awesome book is that I am feeling like an unimaginative hack. I have real trouble dedicating time to write, and when I try (like when I set that goal of getting up early on Sunday mornings to write), I end up staring at the blinking cursor, and not doing much with it.

Maybe I need to change the pattern altogether – leave the house with a notebook and pen, head out to the river or the woods or a coffee shop or something. I just don’t know.

I joined a SJ photography group on Flickr, and I’m hoping that shooting with some other local photographers will help improve mah skillz. And I’m going to enter this photography contest, since entry is free and I could use the practice.

I’m ready to get started on Imprimatur now – I have the itch. I just need a sewing machine.

All this potential creative energy is making me depressed.

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  1. maybe you should book yourself a hotel room like that guy…sorry…I’m bad with names..but if you could tell me that’d be great so I can get his book…

    …just a thought…

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